PP expected to win December 20 elections, according to polls

© European People's Party Flickr
Mariano Rajoy

According to a poll revealed on Friday October 30, Spain’s ruling People’s Party (PP) is expected to win in the December 20 parliamentary elections.

The Citizens party is expected to come second and the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party third, according to the poll.

The poll conducted among 1,002 people revealed that PP would attract 27 per cent of the vote, Citizens will get 20.3 per cent, and the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party is expected to obtain 18.2 per cent.


The poll was conducted via telephone between October 15 and 26. 


  1. The fact that there is any chance of this bunch of criminals getting back into power after the financial scandals is a joke. It just goes to show that the general populace doesnt feel able to change anything, or are so blind that they don´t realise these people need to go. We need podemos or somebody like Jemery Corbin, then maybe they will get rid of the useless royal family and start putting the power back in the hands of real people. Stop propping up useless politicians and even more useless royals. This just isnt in Spain, it should be happening world wide…..

  2. Personally I feel Royal families tend to help their countries in one way or another but apart from that…

    The problem in Spain is that all their politicians are corrupt, in fact it seems probably just about everyone in Spain has ‘con’ in their blood, it is where the saying ‘Spanish practices’ came from within the legal profession, Spanish practices meaning an underhanded way of doing things. It seems that anyone who has access to the till here in Spain thinks they have a right to some of the contents and that goes for the average guy in the street, the PSOE, the PP, Podemos or whoever and that is why the PP or PSOE or a PSOE and PP pact will win and so continue to keep Spain under water with a lead ball set by the political clowns of this country, Spain is of no interest to them, they and their political party are the only interest these politicans have.


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