Residents complain about carwash

© Przemo pixabay

A PETITION signed by 22 residents of Calle Madreselva in Las Lagunas (Mijas Costa) has been submitted to the town hall to complain about the excessive noise they claim is coming from a carwash which runs from 8am to 11pm.

“We want to rest. This carwash should be on an industrial estate. When I bought my home in 1989 there was nothing here. Two or three months ago they changed the machinery and it’s driving us mad,” said Mercedes Medina, one of the affected homeowners. Another resident, Isabel Bellido, said “the noise from the carwash is horrendous. It’s even worse in the summer, we have to pull the blinds down and turn the TV up. Everyone is affected but hardly anyone dare to complain.

” According to a spokesperson from the carwash, it was their understanding that municipal bylaws allow the machinery to run until 11pm although councillor Andres Ruiz said “We’ll order police surveillance regarding the noise and if the timetables are not met we will take measures. A carwash shouldn’t be open later than 8pm.”



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