Missing Spanish pilots’ bodies found in cockpit

A Spanish Air Force Puma Helicopter

THE bodies of the three pilots from the Spanish Air Force helicopter crash have been found after a week of searching.

The Spanish Air Force helicopter crashed off the northern coast of Africa on October 22.

The pilots’ families have been informed of their death by Defence Minister Pedro Morenés.  A military judge confirmed that all three bodies were found inside the cockpit.


Divers found the wrecked cabin on Wednesday October 28, about 40 metres below the sea’s surface.

Moroccan authorities originally reported that a fishing vessel had rescued the three pilots, and were on their way to the nearest port.  The Moroccan government blamed the Senegalese Navy for the misinformation.        


  1. my sympathies go to the families
    How horrendous to hear your partner or father has been rescued and then find he has been found dead in the cockpit


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