Saudi Arabia officials to release Briton Karl Andree

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karl Andree

A British man imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for possession of alcohol will be released in a week, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said on October 28.

Karl Andree, 74, was arrested in August by Saudi religious police for possession of homemade wine, and has been in prison for more than a year since. His family feared he would be lashed but Saudi officials denied this would happen.

The Foreign Secretary tweeted his “delight” saying: “Delighted to announce Brit Karl Andree will be released from Saudi custody within a week & reunited with his family.”


Mr Hammond added: “This is a good outcome and I’m grateful to minister Al-Jubeir and all other people who have been involved, especially His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, for ensuring that we now have a good outcome.”

Simon, son of Mr Andree said: “The Foreign Office called me this morning and told me Philip Hammond was in Saudi but they didn’t tell me anything else. I’ve been watching the TV all day waiting for the news.”

Mr Andree’s family feared Karl’s death if he was to receive the 360 lashes he had been sentenced to.

Prime Minister David Cameron raised the case with Saudi Arabia officials, where alcohol is illegal. 


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