How integrated are you in Spain?

© lukaskontakt pixabay

YOU eat in Spanish restaurants, you attend the odd local fiesta, but have you ever wondered how integrated you really are into life in Spain?

Now you can take the Brits in Spain ‘Integrometer’ survey and find out. The popular ‘Brits in Spain’ Facebook page ( by the British Embassy and Consulate, are carrying out the light-hearted, fact-finding and totally anonymous survey via the Facebook page.

The survey takes just a couple minutes to complete and will gauge how integrated into life in Spain you actually are. Key results from the ‘Integrometer’ survey will be shared via ‘Brits living in Spain’ social media channels, so you can compare your level of integration with other British residents. The results will also help the British consular network behind ‘Brits living in Spain’ to continue to provide up-to-date, reliable information about the big issues that most concern British expats.


The ‘Brits Living in Spain’ Facebook page is one of the biggest expat forums in Spain and now has 17,000 followers. It offers a combination of factual information and a lively interchange of experiences and reliable information about expat life.

Residents who are Twitter fans and want the latest news from the Consular network can also follow @BritsliveSpain, as well as keeping up with the comments and thoughts of the British Ambassador by following @Simon


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