Doctors may be able to continue working after 65

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THE Department of Health has declared that it will allow, in certain circumstances, physicians to work up until and over 65 years of age.

The department, headed by Carmen Montón is currently negotiating with major unions to develop a new decree to enter into law with regard to retirement. Previously the law requires mandatory retirement at the age of 65 for physicians and those working in the sector, but the new framework hopes to be able to lay out new terms allowing them to continue their working career after the age of 65, effectively reversing the decision made by the previous administration headed by Manual Llombart.

The new head of the department, Carmen Montón believes that it is important in some cases to retain the staff as there may not be experienced or suitably qualified staff to replace them, especially in the case of specialists or they may also be in the middle of important clinical studies, so the new law will enable them to complete their work. The mandatory retirement of doctors began to be implemented in 2013, through an order of the Ministry of Health, which was included into law and the budget in 2014.


They faced opposition from the unions including the TSJCV who attempted to annul the decree. However, the health department ensured that it was enforced, effectively demanding all employees took mandatory retirement at 65.

Therefore the first steps required for Monton and her department is to attempt to undo the entire legal framework of the mandatory retirement law and negotiate with the unions the new proposal to determine when it would be suitable for doctors to retire.


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