Association demands more support for mums

© zefe pixabay

MORE than 100 people turned out on Sunday (October 4) to defend the rights of breastfeeding mothers at Palma’s Parc de la Mar and ask for better working conditions.

At noon, Joan Maria Moll (president of the Balearic Breastfeeding Association) read out a manifesto asking for measures to help women carry on breastfeeding their babies including longer paid maternity leave and flexible working hours.

The association complained that despite the important measures included in the Equality Law brought in in 2007, since the start of the recession, employers have been making women feel their jobs will be at risk if they take extra time off to feed their babies.


 “Today most women work and it’s hard for them to do so and carry on breastfeeding, but not impossible. They need everyone’s help to achieve this goal,” the association president stressed.


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