102 drivers fined for fake licences in Jaén

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ON Monday October 26, 102 people were accused of buying fake driving licences in 2007 from a Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico employee in Jaén.

In a mass plea deal at the provincial court of Jaén, the accused accepted a one-year suspended prison sentence if they admitted to being guilty of the crime.

After two hours of negotiations between the magistrate and 36 defence lawyers, an agreement was reached. 102 people out of the 104 accepted the sentence and the two remaining are reported to have passed away.


The official identified as Carlos R.C. created false licences by remodelling the administrative procedure needed to issue licences.  A few days later, drivers came to the Tráfico office claiming that documentation had been stolen, and in return they were issued with duplicates.

If and when Carlos C.R. is caught, he faces prison sentence of up to 14 years and €300,000 in fines. Those that pleaded guilty were fined €570. 


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