Mijas based composer invited to UN 70th anniversary gala at The Hague


COMPOSER and friend of the Euro Weekly Dario Poli was honoured to be invited to The Hague over the weekend to attend the International Gala celebrating the 70 years anniversary of the founding of the UN.

Dario was earlier invited to write a new music composition for The Peace and Justice Foundation, a newly established venture at The Hague. The new composition will be presented at an exclusive gala event in September 2016 and Dario took time out from writing, and his other projects to attend comThe Peace Palace building at The Hague.

Upon his arrival he was driven from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to meet Florence Olara of the Hague Justice Portal who had issued the formal invitation to the UN event. He was then introduced to a range of officials and personalities and heard several speeches during the memorable evening.


The 70th anniversary of the founding of the UN was marked around the world and Dario told us that he will be returning to The Hague again for further meetings as he continues to prepare the composition for The Peace and Justice Foundation.

The gala next year for The Peace and Justice Foundation is expected to assemble International and Dutch celebrities, and personalities from the worlds of film, music, sports, business, international politics, justice, NGOs and international society.

Dario will be formally presented at the gala as will the music he is creating especially for the event. Among his other ongoing projects at the moment is Amsterdam, a new musical he is planning to launch in Holland. Dario is well known for his compositions including “Marbella Marbella”, a song celebrating all of the best things about the area.


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