Teatro for Dayz – A new concept car from Nissan

DESIGN: Innovative.

Nissan describes the generation that went straight from the cradle to digital technology as ‘share natives.’ 

This generation will reach driving age in a few years, but has shown little interest in cars. 

What kind of cars will move share natives? Will they even want to drive? Nissan has designed a provocative solution: Teatro for Dayz.

Teatro for Dayz: Its name is drawn from the Italian for theatre and a Nissan minicar.  The concept has a design and features that enable share natives to create and share experiences immediately with friends both onboard and online. 

Designed under the concept ‘a clean canvas,’ its key feature is its smooth white interior that allows the instrument panel, seats and door trim to serve as a blank canvas for expression.

Built with Nissan’s EV technology, Teatro for Dayz is as much a giant mobile battery as four-wheeled transportation. 


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