Man killed crossing A7 autovia near Puerto Banus

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Monday saw a drop in Malaga's traffic of about 61%, and it dropped further to around an average of 70% as the week went on. CREDIT: Alberto Loyo, Shutterstock

IN THE early evening of October 16 a man who was trying to cross the dual carriageway at Km 174 on the A7 towards Cadiz was struck by at least one car and was killed.

This is a high speed road and the man was crossing in an area where there was no bridge (although there is an underpass) just in front of the H10 Andalucia Plaza hotel and it was twilight.

According to a report received from a driver who was stuck in a tailback to the tunnel before the turn off to Marbella, “I was in a queue of cars for more than one hour which moved incredibly slowly. When we eventually reached the Andalucia Plaza hotel, the road was closed and we had to divert. I could see two stationery cars and a police car parked at an angle against the central reservation.


As we diverted into the slip road, I could see behind the police car what almost looked like a ‘mummy’ as it was clearly human form, wrapped in a sheet from head to toe and I assumed it was a dead body. Later I learnt that the body had to stay there until a ‘judge’ arrived on the scene to give permission for it to be removed.”




  1. Very sad. There is underpass outside to hotel beside the casino but there are no signs to tell you. what a shame that they couldn’t sign it better


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