Malaga jellyfish app gains users

Infomedusa app.

PEOPLE in Malaga Province are increasingly using Infomedusa, a mobile app which reports on the presence of jellyfish and other conditions on beaches along the coast.

Whereas after the summer of 2014 the app had been downloaded by 12,000 people, on September 15 this year it had reached 27,105, the Environmental Department has reported.

Data from the app, which now covers 95 per cent of the beaches in Malaga province, will be used to draw up maps and detect patterns in weather conditions and jellyfish presence which in the future will hopefully allow predictions to be made in advance.


  1. Could anyone also set up an app that could dectect the toxic gases in the Comunidad Valenciana originated by the “bomfires”. Daily, we in Alfas del Pi/Albir are intoxicates with fires in the orange fields and gardens. They burn any time, anywhere altough there are rules bu the autorities don’t care.
    It would be great to know daily which the level is not to stay in those towns.
    Thank you in advance to anyone who could invent such an app. M. Berger


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