Mijas police to up campaign against rubble dumpers


MIJAS’ Local Police force has announced it will be upping surveillance in certain coastal areas with an aim of reducing the amount of people illegally dumping rubble.

The announcement came after an environmental patrol found new rubble and rubbish from a building site in the countryside near the Arroyo Pajares stream.

The council department informed the police and asked for more surveillance of stream and river beds in the area, commonly a favourite place for illegal dumping in spite of facilities offered for correct disposal of unwanted rubbish, Environmental councillor Angel Nozal reported.

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Nozal stressed: “We have a punto limpio (or free recycling point) in Mijas, on the road between La Cala and Entrerrios, where people can get rid of unwanted rubbish such as rubble and garden refuse.”

Dumping rubble in public is considered a serious offence under Mijas bylaws and can result in fines of up to €1,500.


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