Fourth generation Mazda MX5 ready to hit the road

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ALL new: Mazda MX5

ACCORDING to Mazda, the latest version of its best-selling roadster comes with a more aggressive look and state-of-the-art technology but still remains true to its concept of being an affordable, lightweight sports car which is fun to drive.

It’s the lightest MX-5 since the first generation, cutting 100kg relative to the outgoing model despite cutting-edge safety and infotainment systems.

The SKYACTIV technology, introduced for the first time in an MX-5, is the most fuel-efficient to date, underpinning Mazda’s fundamental lightweight sports car principle with specially tuned engines and transmission adapted for the front-mid engine, rear-wheel drive layout.

The redesigned chassis improves the MX-5’s agility, has an ideal 50:50 front-rear weight distribution with shorter overhangs and a low yaw inertia moment with the lowest centre of gravity yet.

Its human-oriented interior puts the driver in perfect position with the pedals, steering wheel, gearshift and other important controls, whilst special wind and noise control, new headrest speakers and a remarkably easy to operate soft top all assist top-down driving.

There is a reduction in accident potential thanks to the latest i-ACTIVSENSE active safety technology, which also offers outstanding passive protection for passengers as well as pedestrians.

With two petrol driven engines, an economic 1.5 litre and punchier two litre, both with six-speed manual controls, the latest version of the MX-5 should be available to purchase shortly.


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