End credits for successful 10th Marbella International Film Festival

MIFF’S winning line-up.

OPENING on October 8 with a great flourish, the Marbella International Film Festival (MIFF) saw the awards ceremony take place on Sunday October 11, with visitors from all over the globe.

There was a huge amount of excitement amongst the creative teams behind the 25 films in six different categories as they waited to learn from the assortment of well-known and prestigious presenters who had triumphed and who had achieved a gallant placing. 

Festival founder and Director Mac Chakaveh is to be congratulated for his achievement in making this the most successful and exciting MIFF in its 10-year history, and this bodes well for the future.

Media partners Euro Weekly News Media were delighted to have the Wright family as guests on their table – restaurateurs for many years in the Costa Blanca regions and more recently at the newly-opened and much-acclaimed Olivia’s in La Cala.

Nick Knowles, relatively new to the area of Sotogrande, was being entertained by the wit and repartee of the effervescent Giles Brown.

Publisher and owner of Euro Weekly News, Michel Euesden, made the following observations on the 10th Marbella Inernational Film Festival:

“One of the highlights of the year has to be the MIFF Gala Dinner, which is the finale of the week organised by Mac Chakaveh.

“When film-makers, producers, actors, indeed everyone involved in this glamorous but often dream-breaking business fly into Spain to mingle and meet, where else would they go but Marbella? It is wonderful that out of all the destinations in the world they could choose, Marbella is still the place to be seen in, and the question you have to ask yourself is why? What makes Marbella unique is the people – the eclectic people, people of all nationalities – who over the years have become ‘Marbellites’.

“Yes, these people are glamorous, adventurous; they have a joie de vivre and passion but more than that they are hard workers and dedicated to their chosen professions

“So at the MIFF Gala Dinner night it is wonderful to see all the film-makers in their finery and this is thanks to the colourful characters who with their touch of chutzpah draw people to our much loved town, and this is to whom the real applause is due. The spirit of Marbella is perfectly represented by the likes of the irrepressible and always gorgeous Nicola King, a figurehead for any woman to admire.

“Giles Brown, a man who wears so many hats with such professionalism, is incredible.  He is a presenter on the prestigious Talk Radio Europe and also a columnist for the fortnightly investigative newspaper Olive Press, to name but two: Giles is a media man through and through.

“Allan Tee, a veteran professional of radio, is someone that everyone in the media industry goes to on a regular basis for advice.

“These are just a few of the many wonderful people who reside in Marbella: the Annas, the Tims, the Anthonys, the list is far too long to mention but these are the people that make Marbella the real reason people come from far and wide. On behalf of the English-speaking community, the Euro Weekly News would like to say a big thank you; you are a set of super stars who continue to make Marbella the place to be seen.

“In addition, another round of applause has to go to the whole team at Joys for providing a delightful evening of fun and entertainment for one of the nights after the show. As usual with the Metro group, nothing was too much trouble. 

“The Saturday was spent in the company of Ian and the gang at La Sala. Try saying ‘La Sala’ without smiling and we guarantee you have not visited one of their fantastic venues yet. A golden award should go to all of these groups as they have both got winning formulas.

“A special thank you to Otilia Obreja, who came back into the EWN just for the MIFF and to assist  with the designs and brochures, and generally pull it all together for Mac Chakaveh and ourselves.

“You have done a wonderful job, Otilia, and we look forward to seeing you back next year for a re-run.

“That’s it, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a wrap until 2016, so Salute, Marbella, and congratulations to each and every Marbellite. You are all winners not just tonight but every night.”

‘Special thanks to Marbella Town Hall, without whom this event would not be possible’


Winners and runners-up at 10th Marbella International Film Festival

The nominations for Best Animation: Presented by Charles Burns (an incredibly talented silhouette artist from the UK)

1. A Beat in the Forest
2. Bye Bye Dandelion
3. Daewit

The winner is: Daewit (received by Svetlana Axford director of Antivirus on behalf of the winner)


The nominations for Best Shorter Short:  Presented by Ricardo Acevedo Moran (the assistant director of H10 Andalucía Plaza Hotel)

1. Soledad
2. Party of Two
3. Changed Man

The winner is: Party of Two (received by the director of the film Eugenia Llaguno) 


The nominations for Best Short: Presented by Allan Bowley, also Allan Tee (presenter of TRE and festival judge)

1. In Another Life
2. Another Love
3. Antivirus

The winner is: Another love (received by the director of the film Victor Perez)


The nominations for Best Documentary: Presented by Steven Euesden (Director of Euro Weekly News)

1.Street Kids United
2.Silhouette Secrets
3.CE Trade Mark for Sale

The winner is: Street Kids United (received by the producer of the film Conrad Alleblas)


The nominations for Best Story: Presented by  Nick Knowles (the UK TV celebrity and writer)

1.Far Too Far
2.Christmas Star
3.Dark Rome

The winner is: Far Too Far  (received by the writer/director of the film Justin Hunt)


The nominations for Best Film Music: Presented by Michael Davenport ( Hollywood music consultant and producer)

2.Christmas Star 
3.Single in South Beach

The winner is: Single in South Beach (received by Alex Itkin director/producer of the film)


The nominations for Best Acting: Presented by Elliott Wright (TV personality formerly from TOWIE and now restaurant owner)

1.Bradley Monclova for Far Too Far
2.Kevin Leslie for The Rise of the Krays
3.Yoshi Kuroiwa for Another Life

The winner is: Kevin Leslie for The Rise of the Krays (received by Kevin Leslie)


The nominations for Best Director: Presented by Andy Loveday (the CEO of Carnaby International, a UK company which produces films and TV)

1.Solders of the Damned
2.Rise of the Krays
3.Arthur & Merlin

The winner is: Solders of the Damned (received by the producers Nigel Horne and Miriam Cooke) 


The nominations for the BestFeature Film: Presented by Oti Ga Diaz-Ambrona (from Marbella Town Hall)

1.Soldiers of the Damned  
2.Blood Orange
3.North V South

The winner is: North V South (received by producers; Benjamin Foottit & Mark Foligno)



  1. Thank God – a paper promoting the people and the businesses down here on the Costa Del Sol.
    This is what we like about the Euroweekly it always encourages would be investors.
    Keep up the good work.


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