Spanish Socialists demand Prime Minister explain alleged budget to parliament

© PSOE, Wikipedia
Pedro Sanchez, Socialist Party in Spain.

PEDRO SANCHEZ, leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party has demanded that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy appear before parliament to explain why the European Commission asked Spain to make adjustments to its 2016 national budget.

On Tuesday October 14 the Spanish Socialist Leader Pedro Sanchez accused the Prime Minister of being misleading toward the Spanish people and the Commission in Europe.

He called for Rajoy to appear before the parliament in Madrid to account for the dishonesty. 

“Rajoy is damaging the image of Spain and that’s dangerous for Spain,” Sanchez said at party headquarters in Madrid. 

Sanchez demanded an explanation for “the lies and tall tales” he says makes up the 2016 budget. He also wants the Prime Minister to withdraw completely the proposal so that the next government of Spain can “regain credibility” with honest forecasts which won’t lead to more hardships for the poorest in society.

The Prime Minister submitted next year’s budget early and if it had been accepted he would have been in a position to introduce it in parliament ahead of the general elections in December.

The European Commission however asked for a series of adjustments “as soon as possible” in order to meet agreements made by Spain to scale down the budget deficit each year.

The Spanish government has defended its budget and questioned the EU economics commissioner Pierre Moscovici´s political motivations. A spokesman for Spain’s Popular Party claimed that Moscovici “has not acted with prudence and has been carried along by his Socialist conviction.”


  1. Rajoy has a too outdated way of thinking to be in control of a country and many of the people he is surrounded with are the same, Spain will not go forward until some very big changes are made in the way this country is run, this man & government are not the ones to do… nor are the PSOE BTW so if you live and work in Spain don’t expect anything to get much better until Spain has people who understand how a modern country functions before there will be much improvement economically here.

    Look at how employment is growing in the UK and how slow it is in Spain, then look at how much it costs to employ someone in Spain compared to the UK ‘and I don’t mean someones hourly wage!’ and then look at how simple it is to employ someone in the UK compaired to how it is in Spain, then lastly look at how much easier and cheaper it is to get rid of someone in the UK that doesn’t pull their weight than it is in Spain.

    Great country to retire to though!


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