Closer collaboration for Almeria’s police forces

MEETING: Andres Garcia Lorca, Maria Vazquez and Adolfo Castaño flanked by officers.

THE National Police and Local Police forces in Almeria City agreed to collaborate more closely and speed up procedures.

The national government’s Almeria sub-delegate Andres Garcia Lorca recently presided a meeting between Adolfo Castaño, the National Police commissioner in Almeria City and Maria Vazquez, Public Safety councillor at city hall.

“Public safety is one of society’s principle values and in order to achieve this, there should be fluid relations and communications between the different forces,” Garcia Lorca said.

Almeria City’s crime rate was in any case “very encouraging,” the sub-delegate announced.  The overall 6.8 per cent reduction during the first six months of the year revealed that the city’s police forces were doing a grand job, Garcia Lorca said.


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