Honda to unveil its new Fuel Cell Vehicle

Honda FCV courtesy of Honda Motor Europe Ltd
TOKYO Motor Show will feature car which also produces electricity

CAR giants Honda have announced that they will unveil the tentativelynamed FCV, the world’s first production model of a fuel-cell powered saloon to house the entire fuel-cell powertrain in the space normally occupied by the engine and transmission, at the Tokyo Motor Show, which opens on October 29.

This powertrain layout has enabled a full cabin package that seats five adults. Also, the all-new FCV has a cruising range of more than 700 kilometres, while exhilarating driving is made possible by the high-output motors.

The FCV can also act as a mobile power plant, due to its external power feeding inverter, meaning that it will generate and provide electricity to communities in case of an emergency.

A fuel cell vehicle (FCV) is a vehicle which uses a fuel cell to power its electric motor using Oxygen and Hydrogen. In theory, such a ‘motor’ emits only water and heat, so it is considered a zero-emissions vehicle.


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