At least 20 killed in explosions at peace rally in Turkey

Nedim Aroga,
Ankara city in Turkey

THE capital of Turkey, Ankara, has been hit by two explosions which have left at least 20 people dead before a planned peace march on Saturday October 10.

The peace rally was organised to protest against violence between state and Kurdish militants.

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Dogan, a Turkish news agency, reported at least 20 people killed at the site of the explosions close to the main train station in the capital.

Government officials in Turkey say the blast was a terrorist attack and are now investigating if a suicide bomber was responsible.

Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkish prime minister, has planned a meeting with government officials and security chiefs according to his office.

Witnesses reported two separate blasts seconds apart from each other just after 10am. No group, at this time, has taken responsibility for the attacks.

The pro-Kurdish HDP party, who were supporters of Saturday’s march, posted a tweet on their official account saying that the explosions left “numerous dead and injured”.

A parliamentary election is due in Turkey in three weeks and in June of last year another rally for the HDP party was bombed before the general election in 2014.


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