Balearic residents are disapproving

JOSE RAMON BAUZA: Leader of Partido Popular.

AS many as 20.8 per cent of Balearic Residents described as “very bad” the management of last term’s regional government team, made up by the Partido Popular conservative party and led by Jose Ramon Bauza.

This is the latest data released by the Centre of Sociologic Initiatives (CIS) in the islands, which also showed only 0.3 per cent of those interviewed considered their performance as “very good,” 29.5 per cent described it as “bad” and 31.5 per cent as “mediocre.”

On the other hand, 16.8 per cent said that if it had been the socialist PSIB party the ones in charge of the government, they would have done it “worse.”

A total of 41.9 per cent of those interviewed said they believed the financial situation of the Balearic Islands was “mediocre,” while 27 per cent claimed it is “bad” and only 16.1 per cent described it as “good.”


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