Albanian man hiding in car bound for UK ferry discovered by Spanish police

Photo Credit Outisnn Wikipedia
Another migrant has been discovered on the way from Spain to Britain

IN the latest discovery of a migrant attempting to move between nations, Spanish police have found an Albanian man in a car ready to board a ferry for Britain on Thursday, October 9.

The man was hiding in the boot of a car in Santander port lining up to board a ferry to the UK.

Earlier in the year, two Albanian men were discovered in the same northern Spanish port looking to make a similar crossing to Britain. The two men were also hidden in the boot of a car heading onto a ferry.


The port of Santander has seen added security since the incident in March with port authorities stepping up controls in recent months.

Thursday’s discovery was made during a routine control of vehicles set to board a ferry on its way to Plymouth on the south coast of England.

Spanish police released a statement to say that officers became suspicious of the car in question during the control and initiated a ‘detailed’ inspection. The statement confirmed that the man who was found in the boot of the vehicle was an Albanian national.

The driver of the car was a woman from Guipuzcoa, a northern province in Spain, and police detained her for questioning. They are also investigating if the man hiding in the car was a legal resident of Spain.

Calais, a port in the north of France, has seen thousands of migrants making dangerous attempts to enter Britain. Santander is a popular ferry crossing between Spain and Plymouth and Portsmouth in Southern England.


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