Two species of humanity!

ENCHANTING KITTENS: Our three temporary residents.

WHAT the hell is wrong with people?

Last week it was reported that a dog whose legs had been tied together had been rescued from a canal in Rojales.   The week before, a disturbing picture of a number of dead cats was published in one of the local papers.  They were subjects of a mass poisoning in Pilar de la Horadada and more are thought to have died the same way.

In our own Los Dolses neighbourhood, two cats – both wearing collars and obviously somebody’s pets – have also been poisoned.

On Saturday whilst enjoying our regular morning coffee, we observed a young girl struggling with a decrepit looking pet carry basket which she took into the nearby Little Pod charity shop.

We could see her in conversation with one of the volunteers, gesturing toward the basket, after several minutes of which, curiosity got the better of my wife and she went to investigate.

The upshot is, we now have some new temporary residents in the shape of three enchanting kittens.

Little Pod, like all such animal charities are simply overflowing with strays and were unable to take in these three, and although it is out of the question that we can accommodate them on a permanent basis, we felt bound to provide temporary protection.

It seems that the young girl had found them dumped beside a rubbish bin near the market in Playa Flamenca and had struggled for over half a mile to the charity shop only to be told ‘no room at the inn.’

We already have two rescued cats of our own, so as much as we would love to give these guys a permanent address, we now have the problem of finding safe homes for these lively and thoroughly engaging characters.All because somebody regarded them as trash.

When I think of these extremes of human behaviour – cruelty and compassion – I have come to the conclusion that there are two orders of humans on this planet – one a sub species of the other.


  1. I read your article in this weeks paper and couldn’t agree more. I recently lost my Russian Blue cat who was also a rescue and would be interested in giving a home to the grey kitten featured.

    Can you send me some more info. I.e Is he a male, a solid grey with perhaps darker rings on the tail, short haired, a photo would be appreciated. I realise the kitten is of mixed parentage but being solid grey he is like to have Russian Blue in him and they are quite distinctive.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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