Costa hit hard by VW scandal

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VOLKSWAGEN: intends to start examining affected vehicles in Europe in January

MALAGA is one of the worst hit provinces in Spain by the recent Volkswagen diesel scandal, the Facua consumers’ association has reported.

The association has set up an online platform for affected car owners, which has already gathered more than 20,000 members from across Spain.

So far, Andalucia is the worst-affected region, Facua reported, with 4,664 registrations, and within the region, Malaga Province came second on the list with 825 affected owner registrations, beaten only by Sevilla with 1,279.


The next worst hit region was reported to be Madrid with 4,337 car owners, followed by Cataluña with 2,793 and Valencia with 1,886.

Volkswagen President, Matthias Muller, announced this week that the company will start to examine affected vehicles in Europe in January 2016, yet as there are an estimated 11 million vehicles affected it could take the whole year to correct them all.



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