Almeria monument may be in Game of Thrones

Flickr, Rafa Garzon
LOCATION: Production company remains tight-lipped regarding castle’s use.

IF rumours are correct, La Alcazaba will be closed to the public on October 20 and 21.

This is regarded as unspoken confirmation that these are the days when the Moorish monument overlooking Almeria City will become a Game of Thrones location.

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The production company is giving nothing away, especially after leaked photographs of filming in Belfast were circulated on the internet.

The regional and local government are agreed that choosing Almeria as one of the locations for the sixth season of the HBO fantasy show will bring free international publicity to the province and more employment.

Rosa Aguilar, who heads the Junta’s Culture Department admitted that it is impossible to calculate the direct benefits to Almeria, especially as filming has yet to start.

Lucia Ayala, a Podemos Party regional MP for Almeria is unconvinced. Speaking in the Sevilla parliament she claimed that the province would be called on to provide nothing more than extras, runners, gofers, waiters and drivers.

Nothing has changed since the 70s spaghetti westerns, Ayala claimed.

“We need less ‘Welcome Mr Marshall’,” she added, referring to a favourite 50’s film, “and more ‘Fellini Eight-anda- Half’.”


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