Eight people from three families held after raid

Guardia Civil
MARIHUANA: Guardia Civil officers discovered a hydroponics grow room with over 23 plants and various other drugs.

The Guardia Civil has arrested eight people who are suspected members of three separate families dedicated to the sale of hashish and marihuana in El Campello, aged between 14 and 25-years-old.

The arrests were made as part of operation ‘Penthouse,’ which was launched earlier this summer and which has resulted in seven men and one woman being arrested.

The criminals are said to belong to three families residing in houses located in the same street, which they were using as outlets to sell the drugs.

According to the police, the families stationed lookouts at different points in the street to alert others of any police presence and were making, on average, between 40 and 50 illegal sales every day.

Police raided the houses of the suspects and uncovered a hydroponics grow room, with over 23 marihuana plants which was dismantled by police, along with 156 grams of marihuana, 181 grams of hashish, two grams of heroin, three precision scales, drying equipment for the marihuana and cash amounting to €722.

The eight suspects who have since been arrested are accused of crimes of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal organisation. Police sources state that the Guardia Civil have dismantled an important drug retail outlet in El Campello.


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