October 2: Feast of the Guardian Angels

Photo credit softdelusion66 / Shutterstock.com
Pope Francis

POPE Francis has announced on October 2 during his daily morning mass at St. Martha’s House that God assigns the company of a guardian angel to everyone to protect and guide them.

The Pope stated that when God banished Adam from the Garden of Eden, he didn’t neglect him and didn’t tell him “fend for yourself.” He reminded us that angels exist to guide and defend us.

Francis went on to suggest that angels are like “ambassadors of God for us” and that we must listen to their voice, because they guide us.


“When we hear that inspiration: ‘do this… this is better … this you shouldn’t do…’ Listen! Don’t rebel against it,” Pope Francis said.

Francis then said an angel is like “a friend we can’t see, but that we feel” that defends us from evil, and that “we think we can hide many things, ugly things, but in the end they come to light.”

Followers of Christ where reminded in today’s short Gospel passage that angels nurture us with peace of mind and confidence when facing difficult situations.


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