Why Baobab for a Cuban bar…?

BAOBAB BAR: Organise different activities throughout the year.

ONE of the questions I’ve always been asked about the bar is why the name, “‘Baobab,’ if it is a Cuban entertainment place. The answer is very simple: it has to do with my profession of agronomist,” explains Ramón Baptista, the owner of the café.

“The Baobab tree is sacred in Africa and has an endless number of utilities for man, like its fruits and the property to store water inside, something so prized in the arid soils or in time of drought.

“When Africans arrived to Cuba as slaves for the cultivation of sugar cane, they found another type of very tropical vegetation, a tree that resembled the Baobab and began to make all type of religious cults, turning our native Caribbean tree, Ceiba, into a sacred tree.

“They were not so wrong as the Ceiba belongs to the same botanical family called Bombacacea where their fruits explode when ripening to disperse the seeds. Naming the bar ‘Baobab’ is for me a tribute to all those Africans.” The bar opens Monday to Saturday from 8:30pm until 3:00am.

They offer free dance classes (bachata, kizomba, Cuban salsa, cha cha cha, merengue) with different levels of difficulty. A minimum consumption is required.

They organise different activities through the year such as Halloween, birthday parties, New Year’s Eve, live music nights with Cuban artists, among many other activities.

Please feel free to search for them on TripAdvisor and find out other clients’ opinions. Ramón, the owner, speaks English, German and French and he will do his very best to provide a high quality service and make you feel at home.

You will find them in Torre del Mar at Avenida Tore Tore 4. “Looking forward to seeing you all!” Tel: 686 804 959.


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