Wary welcome for a mining project

JL Palacios
SIERRA DE GADOR: Roads could soon be more crowded.

GADOR’S mayor expressed satisfaction at the likelihood of the Alfquife (Granada) mines reopening.
This would impact positively on the economy and employment in the Marquesado area in Granada where the mines are located, said Eugenio Gonzalvez.  Nevertheless, the mayor did not conceal his concern about the effect on Gador if, as the Minas de Alquife has announced, the iron ore is transported by rail as far as the town.
From here it would go by road to the ports of Almeria and Carboneras.  Heavy lorries crossing Gador would create a situation bringing drawbacks as well as benefits, Gonzalvez said.
“The crossroads at the intersection with the Carretera de la Alpujarra is particularly worrying and would need a roundabout,” he added.
Neither Minas de Alquife nor the Junta de Andalucia regional government has contacted the town hall, Gonzalvez added.“We are prepared to cooperate but we want to share in the advantages as well as the disadvantages.”


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