Tragic year for Spanish roads

Flickr, Bomberos Valencia

AS the third quarter of the year comes to an end, the DGT traffic authority’s provisional data reveals that 2015 has so far been the worst for years on Spanish roads.

Following years in which fewer people were losing their lives on the roads, 2014 marked a change in trend with the first increase in road deaths for 11 years.

The tragic trend has continued this year, with the first increase in road deaths during the first three months of the year since 2002 and the summer ending with the first increase in eight years.

Now the DGT traffic authority has released a provisional report on the July-September period which reveals that 343 people died on the roads of Spain between July 1 and September 28.

Sadly, DGT head Maria Segui reported, the majority of deaths have been related to speeding, drinking and taking drugs before driving, and the age of vehicles on the roads is another important factor that needs to be addressed.


  1. The main problem on Spanish roads are: Driving too close to the vehicle in front, talking while on the phone, cutting people up when exiting a road and not respecting the give way signs, but then if you don’t actually teach people how to drive properly then what do they expect! For years they have been going on about speeding and fining people as much as they can to bring more money in, although Speeding is a factor for some road accidents it is the above that are the main cause of accidents as I see it.


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