Police express concern following drug delivery

Flickr, Pablo Fuentes Rodríguez

BATHERS at Manilva’s Tubalita beach were shocked on Saturday (September 26) to see a group of people calmly unloading drugs, but not shocked enough to bother calling the police, a Guardia Civil association has complained.

The Spanish Association of Civil Guards (AEGC) reported that a Zodiac boat arrived at the busy beach and people calmly moved an estimated 2,000 kilos of cannabis resin from the craft to a waiting van in full view of onlookers, who rather than calling the police snapped photos and recorded videos from their mobile phones.

“We’re worried that this is becoming such a common event. Time and again we have complained, and will continue to complain, about the lack of Guardia Civil staff, means and appropriate vehicles,” the association said.

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The association has also demanded safer working conditions for officers on their daily duties: “We cannot put up with shared, unisex bullet-proof jackets with no hygienic measures during a level four terrorist alert.”


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