Learning about governing online in Rincon de la Victoria

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WITH the beginning of its new term in office, the Rincon de la Victoria Council has become one of the first towns which, on its official website, publishes a declaration of all the income and patrimony owned by its 21 councillors, thus fulfilling one of the commitments, signed before a notary, of the governing team made up of PSOE, Ahora Rincon, IU and PA.

According to the information released on Spanish daily SUR, through a new specially designed section titled ‘Transparency’, accessible at www.rincondelavictoria.es, it’s possible to check how much money they have in their bank accounts and what properties, cars and other belongings they own.

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The Urbanism Councillor, Antonio Sanchez, has the most noteworthy results, with €114,338 apart from three pension schemes and two life insurance plans, amongst others.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is Elena Aguilar (Ciudadanos) with only €20 on her bank account and the €500 of Javier Lopez, who is in charge of the Tourism Department.

The other 20 councillors together do not reach the amount declared by Antonio Sanchez.

The website also allows users to check the councillors’ education; only four of the 21 have been to university.


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