Former mayor joins the fight for a safe school


ESPERANZA OÑA, former mayor of Fuengirola and member of the Andalucian parliament, has promised to help parents fighting for a decent school building for their children.

Oña visited Fuengirola’s Picasso infant and primary school, one of the oldest schools in the town and which has been in use for about 50 years, to see the problems pupils have to live with and collect a list of serious deficiencies parents are fighting to have resolved.

Cracks in walls, leaks, broken floors, windows that don’t fit their frames, ancient electrical installations and many more problems are the visible signs of an old building with serious structural problems which parents fear could put the pupils at risk.

“We don’t feel our children are safe at school and its tough having to leave them here. We can’t, for example, be safe in the knowledge that they’re in an enclosed playground because the perimeter walls have been in a bad state since last year,” said Susana Cortes, president of the parents’ association.

The local council and the parents’ association have contacted the Junta de Andalucia regional government’s Education Department various times to complain about the situation, yet their complaints have remained unanswered.

Now, with Oña’s promise to take the matter up, parents hope that something will be done but have explained they intend to keep on fighting to get their children the safe, decent school building they feel they deserve.


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