Death of two British girls in Ibiza


POLICE are investigating the death of a British teenager after she was pronounced dead in her Ibiza hotel room.

The girl named as Rebecca Maria Brock, 18, was found by a cleaner on September 28 at around 11am. Her death is being treated as natural and there were no signs of violence.

The local hospital confirmed that Miss Brock’s friend had been admitted to hospital due to consumption of MDMA(ecstasy.)

Investigators were expected to test for drugs, but there is no suspicion at this time that her death was in any way drug-related. An autopsy is due to take place on September 30 which will determine the cause of the 18-year-old’s death.

The British Foreign Office says they are assisting the family ‘at this difficult time’

A week earlier, British teenager Danielle McCallum also died in Ibiza from suspected MDMA consumption. However the family have cast doubt on the drug accusations and claimed that she had been taking painkillers all weekend after a fall.

The teenager, from Greenock in Scotland, had been rushed to the hospital from a health clinic near to the hotel she was staying in in the party resort of San Antonio.

She was in a critical condition when she arrived and suffered heart failure shortly after being admitted.

Miss McCallum died in intensive care at the island’s Can Misses Hospital early on September 22.

An autopsy is due to take place to try to determine whether her death was caused by drugs.

The post-mortem is expected to yield only partial answers. Tissue samples will be sent to a specialist lab in Barcelona so that a comprehensive study can take place.



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