Youths sentenced for animal cruelty

Image courtesy of La Huella Roja

TWO underage boys were found guilty of trying to beat a donkey to death last year.

An Almeria juvenile court ordered the boys, aged 16 and 17, to attend a re-education day centre for 12 months after their parents and the Public Prosecutor reached agreement before the hearing.

The donkey was kept near the Los Almendros school where the boys discussed attacking and killing it with other pupils. Despite knowing that the donkey was weak and had an injured hoof, they began kicking and hitting it during a break, the Public Prosecutor said.


A teacher saw them and contacted the local Animal Protection Association, who then informed the Guardia Civil.

The badly-injured donkey, now given the name Capitan, was taken to the Aznalcollar (Sevilla) animal sanctuary where it has now recovered. Meanwhile the Guardia Civil traced the two boys as well as the father of one of them who was also the donkey’s owner.

The investigation remains open while the authorities determine the adult’s part in ill-treating the animal.



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