Angry cabbies to descend on Malaga

© By Té y kriptonita, Wikimedia Commons

TAXIS from all over Spain are expected to cause havoc in Malaga city on Wednesday (September 30) in a protest demonstration planned against what associations call a mortal blow to the public taxi sector.

The protest was called by three local taxi associations; Aumat, Taxi-Union and Tamat, with the express support of the FAAT Andalucian Taxi Federation, and is expected to attract hundreds of cabs from as far afield as Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid to join local drivers.

The reason for the demonstration, due to leave Martin Carpena sports pavilion at 10am and travel through the city streets, arriving outside the City Hall at 2pm, is a dispute with the National Markets and Competition Commission, which is investigating Malaga and Cordoba’s taxi regulations regarding maximum numbers of licences and other measures.



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