PM Rajoy rules out independence talks for Catalonia after separatists’ election victory

Photo Credit European People’s Party
Prime Minister of Spain dismisses Catalan independence

PRIME MINISTER Mariano Rajoy has refused to enter into discussions on independence in Catalonia following a win for Catalan separatists on Sunday September 27.

Speaking to reporters today, Monday, September 28, in his first public remarks since the election result, Rajoy said “I am ready to listen and to talk, but not in any way to liquidate the law.” The constitution in Spain does not allow any region to break away so independence in Catalonia is, even now, complex at best.

Rajoy clarified further, “I am not going to talk about either the unity of Spain, or sovereignty.”

However Raul Romeva, head of the pro-independence coalition declared that the voters have spoken saying “We have a majority which totally legitimises initialising the process.”

The European Union perspective was also expressed on Monday by spokesman Magaritis Schinas who told reporters “The European Commission, as you know, as a matter of principle does not comment on regional elections. This is a domestic issue for Spain.”

The European Commission spokesman spoke on the matter in Brussels earlier this month indicating that an independent Catalonia would need to reapply for entry to the bloc as a separate state.


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