Costa del Sol international school takes money out of Catalan bank as a precaution

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A COSTA del Sol international school has been one of the first to react to remarks from the head of the Banco de España by moving its accounts from Catalan Sabadell bank to one closer to home.

Parents of pupils at Torremolinos’s Sunny View School, one of the oldest international schools on the coast, received emails from the school management on Monday (September 21) informing them of a new bank account number for all future payments due to the situation in Cataluña.

Many parents, mostly Spaniards, phoned the school to ask exactly what the Cataluña situation the note referred to was, sources at the school told El Mundo national daily, and were told that it was a purely an precautionary measure following the Bank of Spain head, Luis Linde’s remarks that morning on the chances of a ‘corralito’ (freezing of bank accounts) if the Catalan parliament decided to secede from Spain.

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The school, the management stressed, had received no advice from the expatriate community on the Costa del Sol or the British Embassy but had felt the need to exercise caution as it was responsible for paying salaries to 80 families.


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