Controversial case filed once again


THE court of Velez-Malaga has ordered the dismissal of the case in which a prosecutor identified as GMA was being investigated in connection with a traffic accident where a young motorcyclist died and which occurred in June 2011.

In the document, the judge confirms that, after the investigation, it is not possible to attribute the death of the man to this person.

The judge’s decision was made after the defence demonstrated that the accused and his wife, who was also being investigated, where staying overnight in a hotel in Melilla between June 14 and 21.

The representatives of the family of the 22-year-old victim, who died on the A-7 road in Velez-Malaga, have appealed the decision and have claimed it is ‘surprising’ that the accused has shown this new evidence more than four years after the accident occurred.

The judge reopened this case after it was twice dismissed, as the victim’s family provided new evidence from witness statements, which claimed that the prosecutor and his wife were at the site of the accident. One of them claimed that the couple were driving a Mercedes Benz car which left a deep groove in the road. After the family hired a private investigator, it was determined that the vehicle belonged, in fact, to the prosecutor, GMA, who said that, even though he did not remember what he did that day, he was sure he had not been involved in a deadly accident.

The family has now requested that the hotel where they are said to have stayed provides a payment bill, as well as one from the flight company, to determine whether or not they had flown to this Spanish city.


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