Breached noise regulations

FINE: Bigger outlay than girls budgeted for

EIGHT 20-year-olds holidaying in Mojacar were faced with an expense they hadn’t allowed for upon leaving their Sevilla homes.

Things did not get off to a good start when the girls arrived to find that the apartment, which they booked on the internet, bore no resemblance to the photographs they had seen.

Cutting their losses they decided to rent a terraced town house and decided not to go out that night.

Matters did not improve when two Policia Local officers arrived on their doorstep because neighbours had complained about the noise they were making. They had breached a local bylaw that the local hospitality industry dubs ‘the law of silence’ and, as the group of friends complained afterwards, they received no warning or prior request to quieten things down. Instead there, was a €601 fine which came as a blow, although they assumed that this would be split between the eight of them.

Their equanimity was short-lived as they soon discovered that each girl had been fined, adding €4,808 to their holiday budget. Their parents are now seeking legal advice, they revealed to the media.


  1. Why don’t the local authorities just put a sign in the airports telling tourists they are not wanted here anymore, or maybe a box with a sign: Put your holiday money here, we WILL get if off you anyway if you don’t

    Mind you, at the way the Spanish think there won’t be that many tourists coming here anyway before long. The Costa del Sol should be booming with what it could have to offer on top of the sun and beaches but it reflects only a trickle of tourists unless the Spanish have come down for their summer breaks, which are also shorter now anyway. For the two years previous to this year they fined them for parking their cars where they have parked them for years on Mijas costa, this year there where not that many cars to fine yet up the coast beyond Andalucia was booming this year, the authorities here haven’t got a clue.


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