Teenaged migrant found unconscious under dashboard recovers in Melilla hospital

Guardia Civil image

A NINETEEN-year-old man from Guinea is recovering in a hospital after being found by Guardia Civil border control officers crammed into a gap under the dashboard of a BMW.

As the vehicle reached the Beni-Enzar border between Morocco and the Spanish city of Melilla and border officers began to inspect the vehicle, the driver and passenger became nervous and ran away, with the driver managing to cross back into Morocco while the passenger, a 23-year-old man from Melilla, was caught and arrested for suspected human trafficking, the Guardia Civil reported on Thursday (September 24).

An exhaustive inspection of the vehicle using heart beat detecting equipment led to discovery of the unconscious young man crammed under the dashboard, and a difficult rescue ensued. As he was not responsive to first aid, the migrant, who carried no ID, was taken to the Hospital Comarcal, where he is said to be recovering from his desperate attempt to reach Spain.



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