Bullying in Spain a social problem


BETWEEN 5 and 10 per cent of students from 10 to 15 years-old have been subject to severe bullying in Spain, a situation which, according to the experts, should be dealt with by an education system that promotes positive cohabitation in classrooms.

These are some of the conclusions drawn from an informative forum recently held at the Servimedia headquarters, which focused on the ill-treatment of children, whether verbal or physical, as performed by their peers.

In Madrid alone, for instance, this percentage would represent around 13,000 bullied victims per year.


To determine the level of seriousness of the bullying, the elements taken into consideration were the closeness to the bully, their ages, the victim’s skills in dealing with difficult situations, the intensity and kind of aggression and whether or not it happens in several circles or in just one circle of peers.

“If it happens but is also amplified on social media, the student is permanently under observation, and if it also goes on over a long period of time, the impact is much higher,” said an expert.

According to the experts, the most important step is to launch an educational model based on cohabitation, “because we cannot expect the children to learn how to live together just because they are living together.”


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