Prime Minister Rajoy in Cadiz to open La Pepa Bridge

Photo Credit, TCadizwiki, Wikipedia

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was in Cadiz today, Thursday September 24 to inaugurate the new 5km long bridge. It is now the tallest of its kind in Europe and is longer and higher than the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Susana Diaz, the regional president of Andalucia, and the public works minister Ana Pastor were also present at the inauguration.

Finally ready after eight years and costing over half a billion euros, the bridge now links Cadiz to Puerto Real. The project missed its deadline for completion in early 2011 but designer and engineer Javier Manterola’s vision is now complete.

The crossing covers a 3.09km long body of water and is 185m high. It is wide enough, at 36.8m, for a dual carriageway and double tramlines. Officially named the Constitution 1812 Bridge, it is known in Cadiz by its nickname, La Pepa.


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