Art exhibitions in and around Mallorca

PHOTO: © Gunter Lepowski
GLOWING CORE: Exhibition.

UNTIL October 1, the exhibition Glowing Core by German artist Rebecca Horn remains in Plaça de Sa Lontja in Palma.

Rebecca Horn, presents a site-specific work that invites us to meditate on the tranquility, inspiration and light brought by Mallorca, an island that the poet and artist visits regularly. It consists of a sculptural ensemble dedicated to Ramon Llull, the Mallorcan philosopher, composed by a central piece, an 18-metre light sculpture, surrounded by 16 other sculptures.

The materials of the installation are very diverse: electronic parts, mirrors, steel, light, prickly pears and sound. All these elements crystallize the message and embody the relationship between time and space that the artist seeks to explore.


In particular, prickly pears symbolize the Balearic island and Hayden Chisholm’s music, composed for the opening of this exhibition, reflects the movements of the sculptures.

Meanwhile, until October 2, the Hotel Bendinat and Arte Vision have an exhibition of work by the artists Daxa Parmar and Velcha Velchev.

For more information, contact Hotel Bendinat in Portals Nous, Calvia, on 971 675 725.

Until October 15 there will be an exhibition of the work of Swedish photographer Ewa-Marie Rundquist above the Rialto Living Shop in Palma.

‘Poppies’ is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8.30pm. The artist is known for her fashion photography and has been amongst the top Scandinavian photographers since the beginning of the 1990’s.

Her absolute sense of form and light create a special style and Ewa-Marie Rundquist has had exhibitions at Moderna Museet, Millesgarden and Art Fair Stockholm. Her work ‘Poppies’ is a story about the fragility of nature


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