Eric Cantona to provide food and shelter for refugees in memory of Spanish Civil War

Photo Credit, Denis Makarenko, Shutterstock

INSPIRED by his family’s escape from the Franco regime many years ago, Eric Cantona is about to take in refugees in his native France.

Cantona’s maternal grandparents crossed the Pyrenees on foot during the Spanish Civil War. “They were Spanish Republicans who fled Franco”, he told France’s Inter radio.

If you house someone who does not have the right to work, then they need to eat too”, Cantona said. His response to the current refugee crisis will be to provide a small house with a garden and food for at least two years.


Earlier in the month Cantona indicated his willingness to take in migrants to Le Parisien newspaper and called on his fellow 65 million Frenchmen to accept them as well.

The 49 year-old footballer turned actor is becoming increasingly frustrated with the political system and told Le Parisien that although he voted for President Francois Hollande in 2012 he intends to spoil his vote in 2017.



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