Ukraine bans journalists including Spaniards and then reverse decision

President of Ukraine

THE government of the Ukraine announced on September 16 that the President Petro Poroshenko had signed an order banning up to 400 individuals and 90 organisations from a range of countries for being a “threat to national interests” and promoting “terrorist activities.”

Many of those involved were journalists or media companies including the BBC and El Pais so there was something of a back lash from international coverage.

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Two days later, many of the more prominent on the banned list including the two mentioned above and the German publication Die Zeit were removed from the list and allowed to report from Ukraine again.

One Spanish journalist however Cesar Vidal remained on the blacklist as he was reported to have acted as an observer at Crimea’s referendum on its secession from Ukraine. In response, Mr Vidal said “I have never been to Ukraine in my life, but I understand the bitterness of the Ukrainian nationalists towards me,” 


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