Two more men arrested in the Denia ripper case


The National Police have arrested two men on suspicion of involvement in the murder of a man whose dismembered body was found at the end of last August in Denia.

The pair are accused of collaborating with the alleged perpetrator of the murder in helping to transport and conceal the victim’s remains.

Police arrested the main suspect and one of his alleged accomplices and thanks to the progress of their investigation and the two new arrests, the case is now almost closed.

A judge has ordered provisional prison without bail for the main suspect, who is accused of the violent death of a neighbour in Denia.

His dismembered body was discovered in different locations in the Marina Alta.

In addition to the information provided by neighbours, the National Police were able to obtain important information from a local hardware shop.

The store is in the vicinity of the crime scene and officers asked the manager if the accused had bought certain items from him, including a saw. The manager confirmed that he had and security camera footage which identified the suspect backed up his story.

According to further investigations by the National Police, José Luis Puente, who once ran a fish shop in Denia, choked his victim, then dismembered the body and buried the remains at four different places in Ondara, Pedreguer and Denia.

Officers discovered the head and torso of the victim in Ondara, a hand was located near the road between Pedreguer and Camatxo Llosa, and an arm and other body parts appeared in the areas around Denia.

Economic motive appears to be behind the crime. The suspect was allowed to manage the assets of the deceased through a power of attorney that was signed by the victim.

A dispute which developed over the delivery of the power of attorney may have been the trigger for the violent death.


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