Loyal dog stands guard over trapped companion

Flickr, patchattack

A HEARTWARMING story was doing the rounds last week of two missing dogs found safe in America after one stood guard for a week over the other, which had got stuck in a water cistern.

The Setter, Tillie, stayed with her Basset Hound friend Phoebe after she became trapped in a ravine in the state of Washington.

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Vashon Island Pet Protectors volunteer group, which had been searching for the dogs for a week, reported: “For nearly a week Tillie stayed by her side apart from a few minutes each day when she went to look for help.”

The pair were found when a nearby resident reported a dog had been visiting their property every day then rushing back in the direction of the ravine.

After a search, Phoebe was found perched on rubble inside the cistern, which had concrete walls that were a little too high for her to be able to jump out of.

As both dogs recover from their ordeal, their story has been shared more than 3,000 times from VIPP’s Facebook page, where it has been classed by the group as a humbling example of the power of love.


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