Spanish economy doesn´t look so good to a reader in Javier


ONE of our many readers has contacted us with regards to regular observations in the media concerning the growth in the Spanish economy and says that there has been no obvious tourist boom in Javea as far as he is concerned.

The gentleman who rents out apartments and used to manage properties for other expats advised us that his bookings are down by 24 per cent this year and that he had to stop managing the properties because of the fear that he might becoming personally liable if owners did not declare income from rental for tax purposes.

He has taken a straw poll of local businesses and reports that one small hotel which has been there for a considerable time has had its worst year ever and the same was said by a Spanish restaurant in the Jalón valley. Another restaurant simply indicated that sales were considerably down whilst even a newsagent reported that his sales were down by 15 per cent.

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The only business that he could find that had benefited was the English butcher who had been selling more meat because more people were eating at home rather than in restaurants.

According to his estimate, nearly 220,000 non-Spaniards had left the country because of the economy, perceived ‘financial persecution’ of foreigners and antiquated legal system, so he was hoping to join them if he could manage to sell his property.

When asked whether he hoped to return to the UK he replied ‘I left when Harold Wilson was elected and I won´t be going back, it’s Toulouse for me as amongst other things they have a good rugby team.’


  1. I totally agree with this article. I am amused by the media hyping up the tourist business. we rent our villa for the summer months and have done for the last 6 years in the bay of mazarron. this has been the worst year ever and all the other businesses are saying the same.
    so where are all these extra tourists going ?

  2. I have found the same. It is very quite people and business owners keep it to themselves. No one wants to admit to failing. (or lower incomes). It is getting worse.
    Most Spanish businesses have been living on savings and now it is all running out. A crash is coming in the Spanish economy.

  3. Well I thought they where going up to your area as we certainly didn’t get them! Many people where hoping this was going to be a bumper year because of the exchange rate but it isn’t any better than last year. My numbers show the winter months this year to be a little better than last years but the summer months to be the same if not very slightly down on last year.

    Sometimes I wonder if the media are getting paid by the government to try and make people think things are getting better because many I speak to don’t see any great improvement on returns over the last two years.

    So as Chris asks, where are they going?


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