Can I drive a car that I don’t own?

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Q. In your article of August 27 you stated that an official Spanish resident was not permitted to own and operate a UK-plated car in Spain. My question is: Can I legally drive a UK-plated car not owned by me? This car would be legal to drive in the UK, with up-to-date MOT and insurance.

S.H. (Costa Blanca)



Yes, an official resident of Spain may legally drive a foreign-registered car on Spanish roads, as long as he does not own the vehicle.
Let’s suppose that your cousin from the UK is spending the summer with you in Spain. Sometimes you use his car to run errands. This is perfectly legal. You should keep a signed note of permission from the owner in the car.
If you have a plan to use the UK car in Spain for long periods there are two points to keep in mind. First, the owner of the UK car cannot stay in Spain more than six months in a calendar year.
Second, many UK insurance companies place a time limit on how long the insured car can be outside the UK. They may also check the driver using the car is registered on the policy.

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