Migrant crisis: All trains from Austria into Germany cancelled

Migrants arrive in Munich

GERMAN Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has imposed temporary movement restrictions on the German Austrian border in an attempt to better control the influx of migrants as extra police are being sent to assist in the operation.

Shortly before a press conference at 5.30CET Sunday September 13, where De Maiziere announced that, “Germany is temporarily introducing border controls again along the EU’s internal borders, the focus will be on the border to Austria at first.” All trains leaving Austria for Germany were halted.

In a weekend where Munich alone has seen more than 14,000 migrants arrive, the German vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said the country is, “at the limit of its capabilities.” A sentiment echoed in De Maizieres speech as he praised the overly generous efforts made by Germans to welcome the refugees over the last week, but expressed that they should not be stretched further.

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He also called on other European countries to “abide by the rules” which specify that refugees ‘must apply for asylum in the country where they first arrive,’ saying that refugees could “not choose” their host countries in the EU.


  1. Well, well, well, all because of a stupid statement by Angela Merkel, come to Germany and we will let in anyone who reaches our borders, I really despair at European politicians. The damage and cost to other countries this woman has caused by this stupid statement is immense, we need out of the EU not because of this crisis but because of the stupid arrogant politicians that run it interfering in how the UK is managed and run.


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